Private Dining or a Culinary Workshop at La Cuisine Ronde

La Cuisine Ronde
Sometimes there are occasions which ask for a nice and comfortable environment with a good glass of wine and fine dishes. The reason for organising such a Private Dinner or Lunch is not really important. It can be everything: the annual dinner of the board of directors, a farewell party, a birthday, a wedding anniversary... La Cuisine Ronde can offer that in its beautifully decorated dining rooms. With a balanced menu and fine matching wines at well laid tables, with silver chandeliers and cutlery, with crystal glassware and freshly cut flowers.

The location
You can find La Cuisine Ronde on the oldest canal of Amsterdam: the Oudezijds Voorburgwal in the old medieval part of town. The house in its present form was built in the beginning of the 18th century, probably as a private house for a wealthy tobacco trader.

The kitchen
The Culinary Workshops are given in the modern kitchen in authentic style with all facilities needed to prepare dinners of 3-6 courses. The kitchen, located in the souterrain, features a big table for 10-14 persons.

The dining rooms
On the first floor are the two dining rooms, the 'antichambre' and the 'chambre'. The 'antichambre' is at the front side of the house with view of the canal and the beautiful 17th century building of the old pawn house. The 'antichambre' used to be the place where visitors were supposed to wait before being allowed to enter the prestigious 'chambre', the present living room.

Nowadays the 'antichambre' is the dining room, with the original panelled floor, 4.20 meter ceiling and a big table for 10-12 persons. Dining with more persons is also possible, as the 'chambre' can accommodate another 20 persons. In those two rooms en suite all private dinners and lunches take place, as well as the dinner following the Culinary Workshop.

Some conditions: